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Salon Thirty One proudly announces the arrival of Belle, a ‘One to One’  Hair Stylist.

Sally Anne is delighted to announce the official launch of Belle, who has now joined the established and experienced Salon Thirty One team, presenting a brand new ‘One to One’  exclusive hair styling experience for all clients old and new, in a tranquil and relaxed environment, centrally located in the historic village of Tutbury. For a limited period only, Belle will be offering all new clients a 10% discount on their premier hair appointment service, and she very much looks forward to introducing you all to her unique and original  ‘One to One’  hair styling enlightenment experience. Life is more beautiful when you meet the right Hairdresser.
For any further information or to reserve an appointment please contact:
BELLE - 07766 - 811960   or   01283 - 815632.

Nighttime Miracle - NIOD Voicemail Masque.

Voicemail Masque is a nighttime leave-on masque treatment that fights many of the signs associated with impaired cellular communication. The formula is a suspension of plant stem cells from mountain flowers and narrowleaf plantain, as well as highly-purified polyphenols rich in hydroxycinnamic acid from oregano leaves.

The suspension medium is comprised of advanced adaptive silicones that lengthen dermal exposure timeframe, supported by a fractionated spectrum of molecular weight (instead of a specific one) of hyaluronic acid, just as naturally found in the body. The result is skin that looks healthy, well-rested, bright and uniform from the very first use.

Crystal Harmony.

Sally-Anne was recently gifted a Crystal Lamp and has found its qualities truly magical.

These beautiful Crystal Lamps offer a gorgeous soft glow and help with soothing, calming & relaxing energies to fill a room in your home.

These lamps as well as many other Crystals that promote spiritual & emotional well being can be found here at Crystal Harmony.

Breaking New Ground - Flavanone Mud by NIOD.

NIOD Flavanone Mud - A ground breaking new arrival to Salon Thirty One is another fantatsic product by the revolutionary people at Deciem.

Flavanone Mud is a three-phase rinse-off dermal decongestion system that disrupts neither the skin surface equilibrium nor its density. While FM can be classified as a masque for categorical convenience, its approach varies substantially from that offered by the concept of masques today both in terms of its way of positive influence on the skin as well as its respect for dermal integrity.

To find out more contact us here...

NEW - Salon 31 Precision Brow Experience.


'Time to frame your face, perfect brows made easy'

A unique eyebrow realignment treatment dedicated to the clients individual shape, colour and design which will change the way you look at your brows forever. A sophisticated approach to brows that compliment and frame the face.

Whether your brows are overgrown, over plucked, mono brow or just require a new look - Look no further, allow Salon 31 to create and tailor make a brow design unique and suited beautifully to you.

The experience includes - Consultation, tint, wax, tweezering, threading (if required), aftercare, home care and maintenance advice.

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Getting Rid of Those Blots on the 'Manscape' - Burton Mail.

Saturday 28th November by Burton Mail

These days it is not just women who are spending time – and money – in salons in a bid to remove stray hair growth in unwanted areas – men are getting in on the act too.

It is not surprising, either. After all, it is not just your typical all-over body hair removal that is on offer.

One salon has something more unique on the menu, to help rid males of their fears towards hair removal and make them feel more comfortable and confident.

As I enter Salon Thirty One, in High Street, Tutbury, I was not sure what to expect. I admit a sense of trepidation washed over me as I announced my arrival to experience what was called a 'manscape'.

Any concerns I had evaporated once the owner, Sally Rogers, 49, greeted me. Ushering me to lie down on the therapy chair, she explained what 'manscaping' was with enthusiasm.


Salon Thirty One.

We provide a wonderful, relaxing, couture experience in the knowledge we are providing both our female and male clients with the highest possible standards of excellence, and ensure our treatments are tailored to suit individual requirements using a natural and holistic approach for the face, body and mind.

Our aim is to make our clients feel good from the inside out, and allow them to escape the stresses of everyday life whilst delivering something that exceeds 'special'.

DECIEM Facials - The Abnormal Beauty Company.


Our Deciem facial is the first in the world that has been fully endorsed by Deciem in Canada and Salon Thirty One is the only salon to work in this way with their wonderful, award winning and innovative products.

Their website is fantastic and we would recommend you to have a look and just have a read of what the likes of VOGUE, GRAZIA, etc. are saying here... about Deciems fantastic NIOD range of products.

Please visit the Deciem website...


Award Winning NIOD Unisex Facial Range - Deciem.


Salon Thirty One is delighted to announce the arrival of the award winning NIOD unisex skin care range, from 'Deciem', a groundbreaking skincare range for the Hyper-Educated.
A novel approach to target all aspects of skin ageing by keeping the skin in an heightened state of repair. The range works from the lowest depths of the skin upwards.
NIOD targets all aspects of skin ageing, textural damage, uneven pigmentation, loss of elasticity, scars, wrinkles, lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and general lack of skin radiance.
In short, the skin will start to look and act younger within a 5 day period, with a continued improvement overtime. Within 4 weeks, the skin will look up to 20 years younger. No, it's not a miracle, it is NIOD !!
Please contact Sally Anne at Salon Thirty One, for more details about this miraculous skin care range. Alternatively visit the NIOD website for more details...


A highly-focused effort to encourage skin health as a novel approach to target all aspects of skin aging by keeping the skin in an ongoing heightened state of repair. This concentrated treatment departs from the traditional thinking of addressing visible aspects of various signs of skin aging and instead forms a foundation to make skin look and act younger from its lowest depths upward.

Here's what customer's had to say:

By Evelyn on 15 October 2015

'I am 67 and would say I have ok skin for my age, having looked after it fairly well over the years. I didn't see results within the 5 days as promised, but within 2 weeks I was double-taking in every mirror I walked by. My skin is far more soft, supple and all over

clearer. Whilst my lines are still there, they are less prominent. Amazing new skincare.'

By Julia on 04 September 2015

'Absolutely love this product. It is by far the most effective skincare I have ever used (and I have tried hundreds of products from Clarins to La Mer!). I started to think I was just having good skin days but by day 5 I was sprinting to the fridge to apply this wonder. I use it twice a day and the skin on my face has improved so much I look better than I did in my twenties. Thank You Deciem what a great product.'

Manscaping - Ever Increasing Popularity.


It might surprise you to hear that over 70% of men now admit to trimming body hair. Thanks to the likes of David Beckham, Daniel Craig and even the more tabloid TOWIE stars such as Mark Wright and Joey Essex, male grooming or ‘manscaping’ is now becoming increasingly acceptable.

A survey, carried out by the Skin Health Alliance, found that 32% of men pluck, shave or wax their nether regions, while another 10% admitted to tackling their hairy backsides. Other popular targets for hair removal areas included the eyebrows (29%), the chest (20%), the back (13%) and the ears and nose (41%). Less than a third (29%) said they preferred the natural look and didn't wax anything at all.

This research shows that the British man is no longer content with rocking the 'natural' look, with many now opting instead for a tidy-up or even a totally smooth look. Salon Thirty One can help.

Our full range of Manscaping options are here...

Deciem - More Wonderfully Adnormal Products.


Salon Thirty One is delighted to introduce even more wonderful products from the superb Deciem.

We now stock their Hand Chemistry, Inhibitif and Grow Gorgeous range of products.

Please contact us for any further information you want and feel free to visit the Deciem website for the full depth of detail on these great products...

Male Grooming.


Sally-Anne is exclusively trained and endorsed by the world renowned Andy Rouillard from Axiom Bodyworks and Men's Grooming & Wax Academy. Andy has pioneered revolutionary waxing techniques and treatments that are specifically designed for male skin and hair growth.

Discover more about Male Waxing by Axiom here...

Supporting The Wonderful Father Ray.


Sally-Anne first visited Thailand 20 years ago and fell in love with the country, the people and especially the children rescued and cared for by The Father Ray Foundation.

The Foundation provides a home, an education, nutritious meals, medical assistance and the opportunity for children and students to reach their full potential and become independent and decent members of society.

Every time Sally-Anne visits Thailand she devotes several days of her stay to volunteer her time to help. It costs nothing but gives so much to make a difference and help these children smile again.

To find out more about the Foundation, visit their website here...

Their September newsletter is available here...

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